Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Wednesday Midi

I got some messages asking for a solution/explanation to the meta puzzle from Sunday, so I'm going to include that here. If you haven't yet solved and plan to, feel free to skip this part and get right to solving today's midi, which I hope you enjoy! 🧩

The answer to Sunday's meta puzzle was the acronym ASMR. If you're not familiar with ASMR, drop those letters into the YouTube search bar and you'll be met with an overabundance of videos that should paint quite a picture for you. In order to solve this meta puzzle, you had to, aptly, listen to the first syllables of each of the theme answers: [A]CORN SQUASH, [ES]CAPE ROOM, [EM]ILY BLUNT, and [AR]CADE GAMES, to give you ASMR. Let me  and Olivia know if you were able to crack it!


.puz file

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