Tuesday, February 9, 2021

Variety Puzzle: Get The Picture?


Back again with a "Get The Picture?" variety puzzle, which is a crossword devoid of any language-based clues. Instead, each entry is represented by a picture that either directly or in essence describes the word in the grid. I've done one of these before and they're sort of a unique challenge to make in that all of the entries in the puzzle have to be something that can be described pictorially. For instance, entries like "EAT AT" or "I THINK SO" are basically a no-go since they would be too hard to clue with only a photo. I ran one of these back in September as well, so if you like it and you missed the first one, feel free to dive into the archive and dig that one up too. Maybe next time I can try for an even larger grid size. I hope you find this to be a fun and bite-sized addition to your solving rotation today!


Sunday, February 7, 2021

Guest Themeless by Brooke Husic & Rachel Fabi


What a huge honor and delight to have the opportunity to feature the work of the brilliant Brooke Husic and Rachel Fabi here today! I've been pretty preoccupied in the puzzleverse lately, and I couldn't be happier to have the first puzzle on Brain Candy in a while be the work of these two lovely humans. I really adore and respect them both as people and as puzzle makers, and getting to publish their stuff here at any time is really the best. Their bylines are all over the place these days (and Brooke has her own crossword site xwords by a ladee with some delightfully tough puzzles), so I know it won't be long before you see more from both of them. And what more could we ask for on this Super Bowl Sunday than a collab from these two? Enjoy! (And if Tom Brady wins one more Super Bowl I swear to god...go KC!)

Here's Brooke & Rachel: A lot of love went into this puzzle, especially its grid design, and we are so excited (and grateful to Amanda!) to have it on Brain Candy.

It is not acceptable to rely on the relatively small number of Black puzzlemakers in the community to center Black content in puzzles. For this month and every month, ask yourself what you can do to actively make the crossword community a positive and welcoming place for Black solvers, constructors, and editors, both future and current.