Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Wednesday Midi: A Golden Girls Special

Hi, I'm Amanda and I'm a bona fide Golden Girls fanatic. Late last year I decided to watch the Golden Girls in its entirety from start to finish since I'd only seen episodes sporadically up to that point. Suffice it to say that I am now a mega fan. I'm down to the last handful of episodes and I'm already so sad that it will be over, even though I will almost assuredly continue to watch it on repeat. The show is truly perfect beyond measure, and it has been a beacon of light through these past six months of quarantine. In fact, the first time my girlfriend and I slept together (like Zzz, thank you very much), it was because we accidentally fell asleep in our dresses watching The Golden Girls after coming back to my house from The Book of Mormon. Yes, I know -- very cute. I hope today's puzzle brings you even a fraction of the joy that the show has brought to all of us over the years. Multi-speaker quotes are not something you usually see in crossword puzzles, but I hope you find these slightly unconventional additions fun reminders of some of the zany moments that make the show the epic classic that it is. Happy solving, and thank you for being a friend (of this site)! 🧩


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