Sunday, September 27, 2020

Puzzle #20: All Bottled Up


This is another puzzle of mine that I made quite some time ago. Like the one from two weeks ago, it's probably one of the first puzzles that I made on my own. As usual, I touched up some of the clues but the grid has largely remained unchanged. Upon revisiting it, I noticed that it doesn't have the long down slots that I image I would have included had I made the grid now, but overall I don't have as many nits to pick with it as I usually do with some of my older puzzles. One of the strangest thing about constructing puzzles for the major outlets with significant queue times is that, by the time you get to see your work in print, a year or more has gone by and you're a much different constructor. It's almost like digging up a time capsule, which is both really cool and also a really unusual thing to experience in the "public eye". I have no complaints, but it is a funny thing that I think about sometimes that feels (perhaps) unique to the world of constructing crossword puzzles. I hope you enjoy today's simple (and hopefully fun) theme. Cheers! 🧩

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