Saturday, September 26, 2020

Guest Midi by Brooke Husic

I am so ridiculously excited to be featuring constructor, human, and friend extraordinaire Brooke Husic today on Brain Candy. I became an uber fan basically as soon as she arrived on the constructing scene, and the more I get to know her as a human, the more of a fan I become! She's wickedly smart and talented and is also a totally great friend, which is basically the ultimate hat trick of being a person. If you don't already, you can keep up with her on Twitter at @brookehus (for science-related stuff) and @xandraladee (for crossword-related stuff). I especially recommend this right now since she has a very exciting announcement coming tomorrow. Huge thanks to Brooke for gifting me/us with this puzzle, and I'm endlessly excited to see and enjoy all the things that are coming next for her!

Here's Brooke: Thanks so much to Amanda for running this! Brain Candy is amazing/trailblazing and I'm in awe of Amanda and her wordplay/cluing skillz. I really was trying to cram a lot of stuff in here so my low points are a little lower than usual (I'm looking at you, 5-D, 22-A, and 35-A. But I loved the chance to mention The Resistance in the 35-A clue, which is a terrible game to play with me if you want to ever be friends/enjoy my company), but hopefully aren't disruptive to the experience. Thanks a ton to Matthew for test solving.

P.S. I'm super here for woman rappers who mention their height. 18-Down does it in "Morning" and Missy Elliott does it in the "theme song" of my puzzle the other week @ Grids These Days. If you know any other instances of this please @ me.

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