Sunday, October 25, 2020

Puzzle #22: "A Little Bit Extra" by Amanda Rafkin & Ross Trudeau


It's great to be back with another Amanda/Ross collab! I wish I'd remembered to set this to post last night, but alas I didn't remember until I sat down this morning to watch football, so here were are to provide you with a puzzle to do over lunch instead of over breakfast! We hope you enjoy!🧩

Here's Ross: I think the idea for this puzzle came to me when I was considering bringing my cat on a 2-couple podding trip, and the revealer was my best frame for bringing my cat too. (I didn't).

Too bad, Ross. I think that would have been a memorable trip.

.puz file


  1. Thanks for the great puzzle Amanda and Ross!

    One question I've been meaning to ask you - I've noticed a few times now on some of the themed puzzles here that the .puz file name is the same as the revealer answer in the puzzle, rather than the title of the puzzle per the blog post. On this puzzle, the file name is 56-Across. Just wanted to make sure you knew, since it does end up being a bit of a spoiler, but I wasn't sure if it was intentional for some reason?

  2. Looks to be fixed. Thanks! I meant to email about this before but forgot...

  3. Belated nitpick for 39-Across: "Illimatic", really?