Sunday, October 4, 2020

Puzzle #21: "Heady Toppers" by Brian Herrick


When Brian approached me with a musical-themed puzzle (a Sondheim-themed puzzle, no less!), I probably said yes before he'd even gotten the sentence fully out. It definitely didn't hurt that it was also a fun and clever idea! I'm so thrilled that we were able to bring this puzzle from idea to finished product (and by "we" I mean Brian, with me responding to emails too slowly). I couldn't be happier to be featuring this puzzle here today. Brian is a stand-up guy and a great constructor. He's also clearly very bright and knew exactly what kind of puzzle to bait me with 😉 And yes, what he mentions below is true! Sometime in the next months I'll be releasing a Sondheim Puzzle Suite with 20 puzzles: one for each show, plus a general catchall puzzle. So if that kind of thing is your bag, keep your eye out for the release date. on Twitter. Many, many thanks to Brian for gracing me with such a fun and on-brand puzzle to share with you all today! 🧩

Here's Brian: Look--I made a puzzle. Where there never was a puzzle! 

Amanda is one of my absolute favorite constructors and it's a real treat to have a guest spot here. 

I've written many music-themed puzzles, but never a musical-themed puzzle. That changed when Amanda tweeted that she was considering doing a Sondheim puzzle suite. The idea just popped right into my head. We DM'd about it, and she offered to host it. After a few weeks of it sitting in my head, I finally got down to writing it and here we are. 

Speaking of which, I am SO EXCITED for her Sondheim suite. It's going to be amazing.

Thanks again to Amanda for her editorial prowess and friendliness. The crossword community is lucky to have her. I hope you enjoy it!

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