Saturday, October 3, 2020

Midi Puzzle

Today's puzzle features diagonal symmetry (if you want to do some puzzles by the queen of diagonal symmetry, check out Brooke Husic's new site or just keep an eye out for her byline in general), and I'm convinced that basically all diagonally symmetrical grids look like creatures. Usually I think they look like bugs, but I think today's looks like a turtle. In fact, I think it looks exactly like the turtle pictured above.  This puzzle started off with 13-Across because it's a word/clue pairing I've been hoping to incorporate into a puzzle for a while, and then I basically just tried to build out a fun grid from there. As usual, I had fun with some of the clues, and even got to get a bit snarky with 10-Across, which I honestly put into this grid solely for the purpose of making this joke. Hope you enjoy! 🧩


.puz file

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