Monday, June 29, 2020

Guest Midi by Steve Mossberg

I'm so thrilled to say that today's puzzle comes courtesy of constructor Steve Mossberg, who was kind enough to provide this lovely midi to start off your week. Steve also has his own site called Square Pursuit where he posts puzzles each week, and you may have also spotted his name in your local paper! Thanks again, Steve, for your contribution and I'm lucky to have you!

In other news, the presence of 3-Down in this puzzle is very obliquely giving me the opportunity to post a picture of one of my favorite people: the one and only Tony Bennett. Not only is he a phenomenal human being (fingers crossed that it's as true as it seems), but he is also just so, SO adorable. I had the pleasure of seeing Tony in concert at the Hollywood Bowl a couple of years ago (yes, Lady Gaga did come out for a few duets), and one of my absolute favorite things about Tony is how much he loves performing. After every single song, he opens his arms out wide like he's trying to give the entire audience a hug (see photo above), and it's just enough to make my heart explode into crooner confetti. And his version of "The Way You Look Tonight" is my absolute favorite.

Here's Steve: "When I started an indie crossword blog a few months ago, I set myself the daunting task of making sure a grid went up each week, and believe me, I still sweat it. Naturally, I'm blown away by the fact that Amanda pulls this off on a daily basis, and even more so that she kills it every time! It's an honor to get to poke my head in with a midi on her site. I hope you all enjoy the solve!"

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