Sunday, July 18, 2021

Guest Themeless by Malaika Handa


I'm couldn't be more honored to be posting a themeless by our 7xwords queen/overlord Malaika Handa today! I've had such a great time solving those puzzles (and her others!) and really enjoyed making one or two as well. Her name is showing up all over the place these days, and I'm really happy to be adding Brain Candy to that ever-growing list! Definitely check her and her stuff out if you haven't already -- she has a really unique voice that's a ton of fun. This themeless was totally untouched by me, so you'll really get to see Malaika shine in all of her glory. Enjoy! :)

Here's Malaika: So grateful that the one and only Amanda Rafkin is hosting one of my crosswords! I always do a little happy dance when I see her name on that day's New York Times puzzle / Universal puzzle / USA Today puzzle / 7xword / Inkubator puzzle / etc etc. I hope you enjoy this sassy little themeless, whose seed came from, where else, Twitter. (follow me pls xoxo.) If you'd like to solve other Malaika Puzzles, I've got plenty over on my website, and one coming up in the Boswords summer tournament. (I am very very excited for the Boswords puzzle!!)

.puz file


  1. so many zingers here!! i needed a decent bit of help to make it through but so many entries that put a smile on my face. grateful to be from the same planet as you!! for the record i thought 33A was TIEDOWN-- add it to your schrodinger bank, people

  2. Tough one, but thanks for the great puzzle!

  3. 54D ruined the fun sexy vibe.

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