Thursday, January 14, 2021

Midi Puzzle


If we're Twitter buddies, then yesterday you may have seen me ask about a midi puzzle that went slightly awry. This is that puzzle. Spatial awareness isn't exactly my forte, and those of you who also construct puzzles know that in CrossFire, the only symmetry that has automatic support built in is rotational symmetry. So if you want to do mirror, diagonal, or any other type of symmetry you're basically on your own in terms of making sure it's actually symmetrical. Well, suffice it to say that mistakes were made and this one has a slight imperfection. The photo for today's post captures my expression upon making this discovery. But the lovely folks of Twitter showed some incredible support for this special little guy and so, straight from the Island of Misfit Crosswords, I present to you this not-quite-diagonally-symmetrical puzzle. I hope you enjoy it! 


.puz file


  1. I usually don't notice symmetry (and it took me a while to find the flaw in this one), I care more about the clues. That said, let's talk about 21-Down.... ;-)

    Fun puzzle, as usual.